Monday, January 25, 2010

A few more pictures

A few last pictures! Here is Ella working out at her "gym" as George looks on. After a good workout she was ready for a day in the sun in her stylish sunglasses! She sits still for pictures better than George does when we try to dress him up!

8 Weeks and counting

As you can see we don't get around to updating this as often as we should! Saturday marked 8 weeks since Ella arrived!

Here in her polka-dotted bunny pj's she was probably 3-4 weeks old---she's outgrown them now!

You can tell by her expression in the picture with her dad that she's not comfortable sitting next to his Alabama t-shirt. Ella is a true Texas Longhorn fan!
On the night of the big game I had to console her and also explain that we need to let other schools win sometimes too!

Ahhh, sleeping baby, this is something we don't see often---so I had to take a picture to remind us that it DOES happen!
She attended her first ever sporting event at 7 weeks of age. She's obviously not a big basketball fan, she slept through the entire game in her BabyBjorn. We had gone to Boulder to watch KSU play CU in basketball.

Here I am in my pj's that mom doesn't like, but since they actually fit I'll be wearing them a few weeks longer!
Poor George! Having a baby in the house has been hard on him. He's faring as well as can be expected. Here he is after a much-overdo bath on Sunday. I think he wonders if his life will ever return to normal....I think that many days we all wonder that!
I had a couple more pictures to post but they've magically disappeared so we'll post them next time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Photos of Ella

Her first week

So we all survived. One week of changing, feeding, burping, napping, rinse repeat. We've seen the pediatrician, changed about 100 diapers, and slept in 2 hour increments when we're lucky, but somehow we've still remembered to feed George and let him out on occasion. Ella was even so lucky as to get out on a walk Saturday. Unfortunately the snow and single digit temperatures made outside adventures a little less than fun. Jen's parents have been here since 5hours after the birth, and we owe them. I didn't realize how much that extra person (Jen's dad left on Thursday) can make a difference when mom and dad are wiped out from sleep deprivation. To have someone on call that can actually get a full night of sleep makes any daytime naps worthwhile. Anyway, enough about the pain.

Ella bean is by far the cutest baby I have ever seen. She makes these little faces when she sleeps that make you wonder what her 7 days of life and 9 months of incubation could possibly offer her to dream about. She is so soft and fragile, and for the time being, her dirty diapers don't smell all that bad. It's hard to tell if she will be a daddy's girl or a mommy's girl at this point, although I have been campaigning pretty hard these past few days...however I think Mommy has the leading edge right now!

And last but not least - George. He is not too happy with us right now. With the bad weather and lack of energy, he has been on very few walks this past week. He is not offering Ella much recognition at this point, but he does have his moments as protective big brother. We keep telling him that in another year this little crying bundle will be his best friend - if he can only be patient.

Baby daddy.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The bean is here!

Mary Ella Grace Brown
Born on November 28, 2009 at 11:52 pm
6 lbs 7.4 oz
19.25" long

We arrived at the hospital around 5pm yesterday after Jen's water started leaking while she was out Christmas shopping! A little after 7pm they officially broke her water and she quickly began having contractions. She started pushing about 10pm and just before midnight, 11:52pm MST, the bean was born! She is perfectly healthy and a beautiful baby girl. We haven't had much sleep since last night, just a few cat naps but we finally got into a feeding routine around lunch today so hopefully tonight will mean a few hours of sleep. Mother and baby are fine, just tired. Dad's head is still spinning. Check out her first starring role below:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello. I am George. This is my blog.